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Engine oil additive packages

Manufactured in the UK, SBZ produces passenger car and heavy duty diesel engine oil additive packages tailored to offer flexible formulatios to meet both higher performance and core specifications.

Hydraulic additive packages

SBZ manufactures zinc-based and ashless premium hydraulic additive packages offering excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion particularly designed for use in today’s high pressure hydraulic systems at very low treat rates.

Gear oil/manual transmission additive packages

SBZ manufactures in-house high-quality gear oil additive packages.  Suitable for use in a variety of base stocks to formulate industrial and automotive gear lubricants providing exceptional extreme pressure and anti-wear protection.

Universal tractor transmission oil/super tractor oil universal/TO-4 additives

SBZ’s UTTO is produced in-house to meet the unique performance characteristics to formulate tractor fluids offering excellent extreme pressure performance for prolonged gear durability, appropriate friction characteristics for both wet brake performance, good filterability characteristics for optimum hydraulic operation and high levels of corrosion and rust inhibition. SBZ’s STOU additive package has been formulated to be used in off-road vehicles as a single fluid for engines, wet brakes, hydraulic systems and transmissions.

Gas engine oil

SBZ’s natural gas engine oil additive package is formulated to provide superior deposit inhibition and protection against wear, oxidation and nitration in natural gas engines. Blended with appropriate base stocks finished fluids formulated with SBZ’s NGEO additive package meet the performance requirement of API service category CF.

Automatic transmission fluid additive packages

SBZ offers a range of ATF additive packages suitable for formulating to manufacture finished fluids with excellent oxidative and thermal stability, corrosion and wear resistance, deposit prevention and foam inhibition.

Marine engine additive packages

SBZ offers a range of additive packages suitable for blending lubricants for applications in cross head engine cylinder/system oils and trunk piston engine oils including cascade system additives and TBN booster packages.

Two-stroke engine oil additive packages

SBZ’s packages are formulated with suitable ash content to aid in blending oils for both air-cooled and water-cooled systems. Mid- to high-temperature stability as well as oil oxidation resistance can be achieved to blend lubricants for chainsaws, outboard motors, ATVs etc when SBZ’s additive packages are formulated with suitable base stocks and tackifiers.

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