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Diesel & gasoline additives

SBZ Corporation has a wide range of multi-functional diesel and gasoline additive packages available to enable fuel marketers to demonstrate fuel performance differentiation to competitors.

SBZ Corporation’s range of diesel and gasoline packages offer detergent technology, deliver improved fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Other benefits include:

  • corrosion protection
  • demulsibility
  • excellent intake valve protection
  • improved power and acceleration

The additives are also designed to treat various biofuel fractions.
Terminals can offer tailored fuel packages and the end user benefits from prolonged engine life, fewer maintenance problems, improved fuel consumption, and reduced emissions.

Depending on the desired performance level, SBZ Corporation can provide advice on the correct additive and treat rate to ensure customers’ requirements are met.


SBZ Corporation has biocide products available for fuel and oil applications. There are additional products available for hydrotesting and flushing water in pipelines as a combination product for oxygen scavenging, corrosion protection and biocidal protection. Micro-organisms in fuels can be found in a range of sources from fungal spores, yeasts or bacteria. Micro-organisms can cause several problems with fuels which can ultimately be costly to correct, such as fuel degradation, emulsification of oil and water, sludge formation, pitting corrosion, H2S formation, and blockages of filters, lines, pumps and engines. In particular, highly corrosive organic sulphides in ship ballast water for fuel and crude oil storage can be extremely problematic.

Antioxidants and stability additives

SBZ Corporation provides fuel antioxidants in a variety of blends and dilutions, from the phenolic and aminic antioxidants and sweetening agents for gasolines to blends of antioxidants and metal deactivators. SBZ Corporation also supplies biodiesel antioxidants which stabilise fuels to meet the stringent international regulations and OEM st andards, and prevent deposit formation on diesel engines.

Both crude oil-based and renewable feedstock based fuels are prone to degradation. SBZ Corporation’s range of antioxidants enhance stability, improve performance and extend storage life of fuel.

Fuel antioxidants are available in a variety of blends and dilutions, from the phenolic and aminic antioxidants and sweetening agents for gasolines to blends of antioxidants and metal deactivators.

Antioxidants and stability additives are used as preventative measures and SBZ Corporation has a range of products to meet a variety of needs and applications relating to antioxidants and stability in fuels.


SBZ Corporation has a range of additives which specifically address the problems which occur with cold temperatures. These additives modify the wax crystal size, shapes, agglomeration and dispersancy at the lower temperatures to ensure lower operability temperatures maintain the fluidity of the fuel. When temperatures drop considerably, problems may occur in instances where fuels have been transported to or from colder climates and/or then mixed with cold diesel etc.

The problem is exacerbated when biodiesel is used, whilst lubricity is improved in the blended mixture, the cold flow and pour point often suffer. These issues cost end users money to rectify blocked pipes, filters or systems, and heat to aid fuel mobility. The most cost-effective solution is to treat ‘preventatively’ with CFPP, PPD or wax anti-settling aids (WASA) depending on the application to alleviate these problems and unnecessary additional costs. These additives modify the crystal sizes, shapes, agglomeration and dispersancy at the lower temperatures to ensure that lower operability temperatures maintain the fluidity of the fuel. In refineries, these additives can possibly upgrade heavy fuels used in diesel fuels which can result in releasing lower feed costs for an additional income to the refinery.

Corrosion inhibitors

SBZ Corporation’s portfolio includes corrosion inhibitors with widespread approvals for gasoline and distillate fuels, including biofuels and aviation fuel. In addition, the corrosion inhibitors provide excellent corrosion protection during pipeline transfers and storage. SBZ Corporation also manufacturers a unique inhibitor for stress corrosion cracking.

Cetane improver

Cetane improvers are used to raise the cetane number and meet fuel specifications of both diesel and biodiesel fuels.

SBZ Corporation’s cetane improvers provide an economic route to meeting specifications by upgrading low value streams.

Other benefits include reduced engine noise, emission reduction and improved start up at low temperatures.

Heating oil packages

SBZ Corporation’s premium heating oil additives are specifically developed to improve the quality and efficiency of heating fuels to enable heating oil distributors to demonstrate product differentiation to their competitors.

SBZ Corporation’s heating oil additives reduce emissions, improve efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Each heating oil package is chosen depending on a customer’s requirements, SBZ Corporation provides advice on the correct additive and treat rates to ensure that the optimised package is created.

Other benefits of using heating oil additives include:

  • corrosion protection
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • extended boiler life
  • less soot formation
  • reduction in pump failures
  • decreased running costs
  • improved operability performance

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