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SBZ are proud to stock a vast range of saturated and unsaturated polyol esters base fluids and additives to automotive, industrial and marine lubricant formulators. We achieve excellent oxidative stability, biodegradability, lubricity and solvency by formulating ester base stocks.


An extensive array of polyalkylene glycol base stocks are available across a wide viscosity range and solubility characteristics. SBZ also supplies fully formulated PAG hydraulic fluids and industrial gear oils.


We supply a range of antioxidants widely used by formulators to extend the life and improve performance of industrial and automotive lubricants. Many of our antioxidants are approved for use in instances where incidental contact may occur in food manufacturing. Key chemistries include aminic and phenolic antioxidants as well as liquid blends of these chemistries.

Extreme pressure/anti-wear

SBZ’s EP/AW additives are suitable for manufacturing compressor and hydraulic fluids, gear oils and greases to produce high performance industrial lubricants to protect at high pressure and temperature where contaminants may be present.

Corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors are used to protect against rust and oxidation, we supply oil and water soluble corrosion inhibitors.

Pour point depressants/viscosity modifiers

Depending on customers’ requirements, SBZ supplies liquid and solid viscosity modifiers of differing shear stability, thickening properties and low temperature characteristics using olefin co-polymer, polymethacrylate and styrene isoprene polymers. PMA pour point depressants are available to formulators seeking superior low temperature performance.


Zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) is used as anti-wear additives in engine oils to protect heavily loaded parts, particularly the valve train mechanisms such as camshaft and cam followers from excessive wear. It is also used as an anti-wear agent in circulation oils, hydraulic fluids and certain other products. This is also an effective oxidation inhibitor.

Engine oil booster packages

Engine Oils Boosters are used in conjunction with SBZ’s additive packages. Our additive package booster components can aid in increasing resistance to deposit and low temperature sludge formation, offering effective dispersancy in diesel engine, natural gas and marine cylinder lubricants, as well as offering effecting rust/corrosion control.

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