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Process oils

White oil

White oil applications include pharmaceutical; health and beauty; plastics and elastomers; adhesives; food; and agriculture.

Paraffinic oils

Paraffinic oils can be used a variety of industrial applications and processes e.g. chemical, textile, rubber and plastics.

Naphthenic oils

Naphthenic oils provide good solvency and other key properties including low pour point, low odour level, excellent colour and resistance to discolouration by heat or ultraviolet light.

Aromatic oils

Aromatic oils have high aromaticity which gives them excellent solvating power and makes them suitable for a range of industrial applications including the printing ink industry and as a plasticiser and extender oil in the tyre and rubber industry.


Fully refined waxes

SBZ Corporation can offer a range of waxes including refined paraffin waxes and microcrystalline waxes together with a range of slack waxes. These waxes are primarily used as base blend components in the manufacture of a complete range of products. Typical examples include packaging and coating waxes, polishes, hot melt coating and adhesives, c andle, casting crayons. Waxes are also used in the tyre and rubber industry.

Slack waxes

Slack waxes In addition to their barrier properties, slack waxes are used for wax emulsion application in the wood panel board industry (PB, MDF, HDF and OSB). Petrolatums are used in the manufacture of petroleum jellies, cable filling compounds and anti-corrosive products, in addition to being excellent dust suppressors and anti-caking agents in fertiliser manufacture.


Many products are prone to degradation as a result of oxidation. BHT is a stabiliser used in a number of applications to prevent the breakdown of compounds, which can otherwise lead to discolouration, corrosion or unpleasant odours.

BHT is not only used in cosmetics but also pharmaceuticals and as a food additive. BHT’s uses vary widely and can also include biodiesel, gasoline, jet fuels, turbine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils and automatic transmission fluids.

The benefits from BHT are as follows:

  • It does not contribute to fuel induction system deposits
  • It inhibits the formation of decomposition products in jet fuels during storage
  • It is non-corrosive and non-hydrolysable
  • It is synergistic with zinc dithiophosphates in industrial oils


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